Bankruptcy Lawyer in Albany & Clifton Park, NY

Are you sick and tired of ducking creditors? Do collectors call you at all hours of the day? No matter if your debt is due to credit cards, medical bills, or schooling, attorney Guy J. Criscione is here to help. We can also assist those who owe back taxes to the Internal Revenue Service. Guy will take the time to sit down and meet with you personally to discuss your options under the law.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney

Just what do people mean when they talk about Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy? Chapter 11 is available to businesses (corporations, partnerships, or sole proprietorships) and individuals, though it’s most often used by the former. Typically, the debtor will propose a plan of reorganization to keep the business afloat and pay off creditors over a period of time, but it can also be filed for the purpose of liquidating. In most cases, the debtor will remain in control of business operations while still being subject to the oversight of the court.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

This allows an individual in debt with a regular source of income to come up with a plan to pay it back. The reorganization of finances is done under the protection of the bankruptcy court. While the payment plan is in effect, any creditors are not permitted to contact you directly; they must go through the bankruptcy court. However, you are not allowed to obtain additional credit during this period without the permission of the bankruptcy court.

Give Us a Call for a Bankruptcy Attorney You Can Trust

If you’re drowning in debt and dodging phone calls from creditors, give Guy J. Criscione a call. He has served Albany, Clifton Park, and the rest of the Capital Region for more than two decades as a bankruptcy lawyer, Chapter 11 attorney, and Chapter 13 attorney. No matter how much you owe and to whom, Guy Criscione will help you get back on your financial feet.

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