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Whether you have questions regarding bankruptcy, chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy, our experienced attorneys are equipped to handle your needs to best resolve your case. Our trusted legal team will represent you in all matters of bankruptcy, personal injury, liens, wage garnishment, work-related injuries, police misconduct, drunk driving, criminal law, and much more. Call today to find out how we can help you today. 
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Bankruptcy Law

Are you bombarded by creditors calling you at all hours of the day? Are you weighed down with debt that never seems to go away? Confused about just what Chapter 7, or Chapter 13 bankruptcy even mean? Don’t worry any longer. Our skilledchapter 7 & chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney can put a stop to your stress and get you back on the right financial track in no time. There is hope. We can discuss your options for navigating US bankruptcy law, IRS liens, or other debt issues in the smartest way possible for you. Our bankruptcy lawyer is here by your side – let’s defeat your financial troubles together.

Personal Injury Law

Has an accident left you in pain and out of work? Are your bills mounting up while your pain isn't getting any better? There are few things worse than being faced with personal injuries without knowing where to turn next. We will assist you with everything you need to make sure you get the best treatment and settlement possible. We can’t make it so your injury never happened, but we can work to reduce your stress and improve your situation.


If you’ve been charged with a DUI or DWI, don’t assume that it’s already an open-and-shut case. As a matter of fact, your case could just be getting started. There are many factors that could have lead to a false positive result, all of which can be proven in the court of law. If you feel you’ve been incorrectly accused, call our law firm now.
Man arrested after drinking and driving
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